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All accounts come with a free, secure URL like:

Online Course Editing Suite
Fully-Integrated Shopping Cart
HD Streaming Video (HDLearn®)
iPad and Tablet Compatible
Training and Tech Support
Detailed Tracking and Reporting
Secure Online Tests
Customizable Certificates
Coupon and Advanced Discounting
SCORM 1.2 Compliant
Public Course Catalog
Email Notifications
User Data Export
Self Registration
Timed Course Delivery
Inactivity Timeout Options
Customize Groups
Multiple Languages

DigitalChalk is available in English and Spanish

Mass User Import
Web Service API Integration

Allow your programmers to connect your existing applications such as Databases, CRM’s, etc., with your DigitalChalk training environment. Learn More


Utilize DigitalChalk’s built in course permission set functionality to restrict registration access to certain courses until previously required courses are completed.

Private Course Catalog

Allow students and trainees to see exactly the courses that you wish for them to see based upon a number of criteria such has user profile information, geographic location, email address, language, etc.

Course Commenting

Allows students and trainees the ability to communicate via discussion thread 1-on-1 with Course Administrators as they progress through the course. Course Administrators can critique and leave feedback for completed course material and assignments.

Course Facilitator Role

Grant access to Managers, Supervisors and others to track and moderate the progress of specific groups of students and trainees.

Single Sign-on

DigitalChalk offers three different SSO solutions for organizations that utilize multiple applications that require usernames and passwords for students and trainees. Learn More

Custom Terms of Use

Ask your students and trainees to accept your custom terms of use before granting access to your DigitalChalk online training environment.

Learning Paths

Automate the distribution of courses to students and trainees based upon a preset learning curriculum designed by your administrators.

IP Controlled Access

Prohibit students and trainees from accessing content outside of approved training facilities or work environments.

Secure Custom Domain

All accounts come with a free, secure URL (, however, Enterprise account holders can setup their own secure custom domain for an additional fee (

Mass User Registration
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How will you use DigitalChalk?


I want to sell courses

For professionals, experts, consultants, and others who desire to make money by sellling courses.


I want to train staff

For small and large corporations, organizations, and non-profits who wish to educate their staff.


“DigitalChalk enables us to bring the sailing classroom learning environment to students. Students have complete control over their pace, and can choose the topics they want, and even take and print notes.”

— Linda Cullum, CEO of Little Pines Multimedia

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