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12 eLearning Audio and Video Tools

DigitalChalk: 12 eLearning Audio and Video Tools

When creating an online course, you often need to capture a live video, audio, or screen recording. We’ve narrowed it down to 12 great eLearning audio and video tools to help you get started easily.

DigitalChalk: 12 eLearning Audio and Video Tools

    1. iMovie
      iMovie allows you to turn your home video into your favorite film with just a few clicks. Fine-tune every cut and transition, edit color and audio, and fix shaky video. iMovie gives you the controls you need to easily smooth out the rough parts.


    1. Chirbit
      Chirbit is a useful and fun tool that enables you to record, upload, and share your voice or audio files easily. Record your voice using a webcam or microphone connected to your computer, or upload an existing audio file.


    1. ScreenFlow
      Easily records your screen and features great video editing options when you need to create a professional video for your online course. ScreenFlow is user friendly and a relatively inexpensive option for screen recording as $99 per license.


    1. Windows Movie Maker
      Windows Movie Maker is an easy to use video editing production suite. Quickly add photos and footage from your PC or camera into Movie Maker. Then fine tune your movie just the way you want it.


    1. Vocaroo
      An easy to use audio recording tool allows the user to upload a file from a prerecorded file. Audio created here can be emailed, embedded and shared by URL or through social media sites.


    1. Camtasia
      Camtasia creates a simple process to capture and edit what you record. Easily record your PowerPoint presentations, upload your videos to the web, and export into various formats. Camtasia costs more at $299, but is one of the best screen capturing tools for Windows or Mac.


    1. Screen-O-Matic
      With Screencast-O-Matic, you have the option to record through your browser with one click or through the downloaded application. Screencast-O-Matic is free for Windows or Mac users.


    1. CamStudio
      CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your Windows computer and create bandwidth-friendly streaming flash videos. You can add high-quality screen captions and annotations, all for free.


    1. Audacity
      Audacity is a free, open-source, cross-platform software for recording and editing sounds. With Audacity, record live audio, cut, copy, or mix sounds together, change the speed or pitch of a recording, and more.


    1. Screenr
      Screenr is a web-based screen recorder that makes it a breeze to create and share your screencasts around the web. Just click the record button, capture your screen and voice, and share the link. Screenr is completely free and compatible for Windows and Mac users, with no install!


    1. Jing
      Jing allows you to capture basic video, animations, and still images, and share them on the web. Easily select any window or region you would like to record, and Jing will capture everything that happens in that area. Videos are limited to five minutes for instant, focused communication.


  1. Garageband
    It’ll feel like you have your own recording studio with GarageBand. GarageBand gives you all the tools you need to write, play, mix, and export your own songs quickly and efficiently.


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