May 22, 2014 — Online Training Software, Tips and Tricks
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5 Do’s for Engaging Your Students

DigitalChalk: 5 Dos for Engaging Your Students
Engaging your students can be rather difficult. However, by following these simple eLearning Do’s, you should be able to create an engaging online course in no time. Let’s get started.

  1. Do stay relevant. Always remember that the content you cover in your online course should be relevant. All headings and subheadings should clearly describe what the student could expect to read and learn from the course as well.
  2. Do stay organized. Not only should your course be organized in the creation process, but it should be organized for the student as well. Keep the screen neat and clutter-free. You never want to distract the student away from your content. Here are a few tips for teaching a distracted learner.
  3. Do keep it interesting. Not only should your content be interesting for the student, but the design and presentation should be too. This includes the colors, layout, images, font, etc.
  4. Do remain up-to-date. In addition to relevance, your content should also be up-to-date. Every day things change and yesterday’s news is old. Update your course often to ensure your content is always accurate.
  5. Do add interactions. Interaction is great in an online course, however, too much can be distracting. Rather than distracting your students, only add interactions that are necessary. This includes clicking links, watching a video, downloading a file, etc. Check out these great pros and cons of using video in your online course.

Implement these 5 eLearning Do’s in your online course and you will be sure to see engagement! Need an online training platform to get your course up and running? Here’s a great one.


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