May 5, 2014 — Online Training Software
DigitalChalk: Register Students

6 Steps to Manually Registering Students

Sometimes it is necessary to manually register students for a course – and the DigitalChalk online training platform has created a simple process to help organizations easily register students on the administration side when needed.


How to Manually Register a Student

  1. Go to the “Instructor Gradebook”. DigitalChalk: 6 Steps to Manually Registering Students
  2. To the left of the course offering title there are 3 icons: a box with a checkmark inside, 3 bars, and person icon with a plus inside – click the person icon.
  3. A new window is opened and you see a section to enter a student’s name (the student must have an account created on the online training platform in order to be able to register them). Once you begin typing their name, a list appears in a drop down menu – select the appropriate name to autofill.
  4. You also have the option to notify the student that they have been registered for the course – simply check the box to the left of the notify option and an email will be sent to the student once you have completed the checkout process.
  5. Click the “Add to cart” button and the student’s name will be added to the “Users to register” list on the right side.
  6. Once students have been added, you are given the “Proceed to checkout” button. You can register more than one student at a time if necessary.

DigitalChalk: 6 Steps to Manually Registering Students
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