Sep 23, 2013 — Tips and Tricks

Auditory Learning

Remember our earlier post talking about the different learning styles that students have? Well, it’s time to go a little more in depth for each individual learning style. Now, let’s learn more about auditory learners and a few tips and tricks to integrate them into your online course.

Think back to that previous post and how an auditory learner better understands and retains information when they hear it. It is common practice for online courses to have some kind of audio clip incorporated into every element of the course. Online courses without any audio tend to be dull and lose students’ attention, regardless of what type of learner you are. Most online instructors add a narration audio clip synced with the video or PowerPoint presentation.

There are four different types of narrations:DigitalChalk: Auditory Learning

  • Verbatim  The narrator reading exactly what is on the slide, word-for-word.
  • Paraphrasing – The narrator summarizes what is shown on the slide.
  • Elaborative – The text on the slide summarizes what the narrator is saying.
  • Descriptive– The narrator is describing an image or graph that is shown on the slide.

*Quick tip: No matter what type of narration you choose, be sure to speak slowly and clearly when creating an audio clip for your course. This allows you to edit with ease and helps your students to follow along more easily. 

There is no one type of narration that is perfect, choose your specific narration according to who your audience is.


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