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Back to Basics: Chalkboard Layouts

With every chalkboard you create you can choose a different layout for each one to deliver your content the way you want. There are 5 different options you will be able to use for any chalkboard.

Small Video…

This option will show a small video window, a large slide window, a notes section, and a chapters section. This is ideal if you need your slide content to be more prominent and your media content is more geared towards audio content.
DigitalChalk: Back to Basics - Chalkboard Layout

Large Video…

The ‘Large Video’ option will only have a large video window, a notes section, and a chapters section. This is the best choice if you only need the video to be played and no slides.DigitalChalk: Back to Basics - Chalkboard Layout

Audio Only…

The ‘Audio Only’ option will have a slides window, a chapter section, and a notes section. Go with this option if you want the slides shown in a large video and audio playing along with it.

Helpful hint: With any layout that has slides you will always need to upload a media file to add the slides to the timeline. If you don’t have any media/audio that you want to add to the chalkboard you can use our blank media files to add slides to the timeline. You can choose from 5-20 minutes, 25-40 minutes, and 45-60 minutes.DigitalChalk: Back to Basics - Chalkboard Layout


This option is based on what you set as the default layout for your organization. You will find this setting under the ‘Administration’ tab and then select ‘My Organization’.


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