May 20, 2013 // Online Training Software

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Are you an online educator wondering how “the cloud” can change the way your information is kept online? Then you are in the right place. Put simply, cloud hosting is when information is spread across multiple servers and brought up by a network connection for easy access to its users. All of these servers act as one large storage center for all of your information.

DigitalChalk: Benefits of Cloud Hosting There are many benefits to cloud hosting:

  • Minimizes chances of any downtime – If there were to be a server malfunction and if one server were to go down, it would not cause any of the others to go down with it.
  • Lower cost – Most cloud hosts only charge for the resources that you use, so this can be a very cost effective option.
  • Data is secure – Your information is secure; even if one server fails, it will automatically be available on the others. What a huge load that takes off your shoulders as an online educator, right?

Dependability, reliability, availability, and redundancy make cloud computing solutions a wise choice for your eLearning solution.   DigitalChalk uses the Amazon Web Service (AWS) cloud computing platform. Read more about it here.

Bekah Stinehour

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