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DigitalChalk: As Featured on Capterra: 5 Best Practices for Creating eLearning Videos

As Featured on Capterra: 5 Best Practices for Creating eLearning Videos

*We have partnered up with Capterra to share 5 best practices for creating eLearning videos. You can view the full guest post on their blog here.

The majority of eLearning courses include some sort of online training video, whether it is an instructor lecturing into the camera or a PowerPoint presentation with a voice-over recording. There are many different ways to create an eLearning video, but all have the same purpose: to effectively teach your students.

DigitalChalk: As Featured on Capterra: 5 Best Practices for Creating eLearning Videos

We’ve rounded up 5 best practices for creating your own eLearning videos. Take a look.

Hire the experts (or become one). Videos should be well produced with good quality sound, imaging and acting. Either hire the experts to help or become an expert yourself.

Keep it short – “Chunk it”. If you have a long lecture to include in your course, break it up into a few shorter videos. Students have short attention spans and they focus and learn more in chunks.

Include demonstrations. Students learn better if they are shown live demonstrations, especially in customer service or sales. If you are teaching the student how to use a specific software or program, you can also include a screencast demonstration.

Make it interactive. It’s easy to lose your students’ attention during an online course, especially with another boring video presentation or lecture. Instead of just lecturing, make it more conversational, relatable and engaging.


Be creative. Creating online training videos can quickly become a mundane task and it is easy to become sloppy. Resist the urge to speed through the video, only to have to re-do it later.

What types of best practices do you follow for your eLearning videos? We’d love to hear your tips and tricks!

*Check out how we partnered with Capterra to share these great tips and see our full guest post here.


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  • Jennifer Valley says:

    Great article! To add to point 1 and imaging you should always have an open conversation both with your team mates/clients and your talent (if you go outside the company) about tone and purpose since the way something is presented is very important. I also think that being comfortable with editing and adding the extra touches really helps makes a video effective and polished. You can see more of my suggestions on my blog: