Oct 21, 2013 — For DigitalChalk Users, Tutorials

How To Use Login Rules

Did you know that DigitalChalk has created login rules to help you to create an easier registration process for yourself and your students?

Login rules make the registration process easier by allowing the course administrator to set up a login rule that automatically registers a student for a course(s). This means that the student would not have to go to the catalog to register or the course administrator would not have to manually register the student for the course.

With login rules there are a number of conditions that you can add to the rule so that it only works for specific groups of people who meet that requirement. A few examples of those conditions are:

    • Add a tag. When users with that specific tag sign in, they will be registered for the course
    • User has a specific email domain
    • User has a specific language set on their profile

Another great aspect of login rules are the options that allow you to set it up exactly how you want it to be, for example:

    • The login rule can be set to always available or set to be available during a certain period of time
    • Limit the usage of the rule (this helps keep students from being able to register for the course more than once)

Login rules can be a great benefit to organizations by creating an easy registration process by both the students and the course administrators. By simply logging in, the student is registered and ready to start taking the course.

Login rules are only available to Enterprise account holders. 


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