Apr 17, 2013 — Announcements

How We Serve

A Message from the President and CEO

For Immediate Release:

In everything we do at DigitalChalk, we help improve lives and grow businesses by providing educators and trainers with innovative, turnkey e-learning solutions.

It’s not good enough to just sell an account to a prospective client.  We feel we have not thoroughly done our job until they are delivering courses online.  Healthy relationships with our clients lead to amazing, productive results for them and us.

DigitalChalk grows businesses by helping our clients sell their courses online or train their employees internally using our innovative, online training software platform.  Our clients don’t need to concern themselves with Information Technology, e-commerce regulations or administrative overhead, freeing them up to focus on course writing and maximizing the students’ learning experience.

During our short time in business, we have helped thousands of professional training businesses and corporate clients provide online training through the DigitalChalk Learning Management System (LMS).  By helping our clients grow, we have strengthened small businesses and provided employment opportunities for thousands.  Well-skilled employees and knowledgeable students have a positive impact on our society and economy.

We are not just a great software company.  Everyone at DigitalChalk is committed to our customers’ success.  We also know that our great software alone does not bring victory to our clients or us.  At the end of the day, all we have are relationships.  It’s these relationships that lead to great accomplishments and achievements.

It is a privilege to serve our clients, and great fun to watch them grow!

Russ Stinehour
President and CEO


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