May 15, 2013 — Online Training Software

Online Training Software

DigitalChalk Online Training SoftwareIf you’re currently using a brick-and-mortar classroom to deliver training, you know the constraints placed on students. Not only must they show up at a certain time, but they must be ready to learn when they do. This is particularly tough for today’s adult learner who’s bombarded with all the stress of work, life, and family pressures.

And when it comes to learner styles, one size doesn’t fit all. In the live lecture classroom, the instructor may fail to connect with the student who learns best via visual mediums, causing a disconnect between the student and the information. When learning is interrupted, roadblocks are created between the student and the instructor, causing learning to fall short.

Students desire to be in control of their learning experience. Whether it’s registering and paying online, or pacing himself through material, he wants to know he’s in control, tailor-making his learning experience every of the way.

The solution? Break free of learning boundaries with online training software from DigitalChalk. With our cloud-based system, when the student is ready, the platform appears! They can self-pace their training when they’re ready and at times when their stress is low, such as evenings and weekends.

And talk about control, power, and optimum learning! What could be better than learning on flexible devices like iPads and tablets, anywhere, anytime the student wants to learn. Our online training software allows the student to access a wide range of delivery methods….pdfs, audio, video, even assignments, all at the click of a mouse.


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