Mar 7, 2016 — For DigitalChalk Users, Online Training Software, Tips and Tricks, Tutorials

How To: Registration through the Offerings List

In past posts we’ve gone over the most popular ways to register students for course offerings. Today we’ll cover a different way to register students that you may not be aware of involving your offerings list.

In a few simple of steps you can easily register a user for multiple offerings at the same time.

To register the user for the courses offerings you will want to:

  • Go to the Manage Courses tab.
  • Select Offerings from the left side menu.
  • To the left of each offering title you will see a box that you can check, to select your offering check the box and you will see a Register button appear at the bottom.
  • After you have selected all the offerings you want to register the student click the Register button and search for the student’s name you want to register.
  • Hit the Register button and the student will officially be registered for all of the courses you selected.

Want to know the other ways you can register your users? Check them out here:


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