Sep 19, 2013 — Tips and Tricks

Time Saving Tips for Creating Online Courses

DigitalChalk: Time Saving Tips for Creating Online Courses

Do you often spend countless hours creating your courses, only to go back and make edits later? With these time-saving tips you can create your course quickly and easily!

  1. Have a game plan. It is best to have something already laid out so that you can walk through those steps easily and quickly, without compromising quality.
  2. Less is more. Sometimes you may need to forgo the bells and whistles, they can take up a lot of unnecessary time. Always keep your focus on the course content and don’t go overboard with design.
  3. Repurpose past structures. Revisiting past structures that have worked can cut back on wasted time. Why take the time to create a new structure when you already have one that has been successful?
  4. Create a virtual filing cabinet. Having a place on your computer that houses all of your files can take away the hassle of going through the time-consuming process of searching for the files. This is where you would put the content that you use most often when creating your courses, including audio files, video files, images and material that you use for reference.
  5. Find templates. Using templates that you already have let you focus on what’s most important, the learning content. These can be templates that you have created or if you are using an eLearning authoring tool you can use templates that they offer.


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