Apr 22, 2013 // Online Training Software

Who Needs an LMS? – And an eBook!

Who needs an LMS today? Well, anyone who has courses to selltraining to deliver, and wants to offer students the flexibility of accessing eLearning opportunities on their own time – 24/7. If launching an online course is in your future, you need an LMS! It’s really that simple.

There are many training applications for learning management systems today. Whether your role is in employee training, corporate training, sales training, compliance and HR training, an LMS can help grow your business!

We have put together a little eBook full of valuable information just for you. Find out what an LMS is and who needs it. If you are looking to grow your business and launch online courses, let us help! Download our new eBook today, and Kick Training into High Gear with an LMS!


If you are ready to get started and put your courses online, schedule a live demonstration with a Product Specialist today!


DigitalChalk is your complete solution for creating and delivering your training online. Whether you sell courses or train employees online, the DigitalChalk platform is a time-saving, efficient, learning management system (LMS) that lets you design and launch your courses, your way.

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