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DigitalChalk: Write Test

How to Write Successful Test Questions

DigitalChalk: How to Write Successful Test Questions

Instructors and eLearning professionals can often forget the importance of testing and assessing the students. It is important to always assess your students’ progress and knowledge throughout the course, rather than just at the end. There are many benefits of utilizing tests within your eLearning courses. A test can assess the learner’s progress, as well as motivate them to “want to” learn. However, creating successful test questions can sometimes be difficult. These are a few tips to get you started.

  1. Write your questions first. As soon as your course objectives are defined, create the test questions – Do this prior to creating course content.
  2. Randomize Q & A. Not only should you use a question bank, but you should also randomize the answers. If a student has to take the test multiple times, they will receive different test questions and answers each time. However, if you use answers such as “all of the above” or “Both A and B”, don’t randomize.
  3. Challenge your students. Remember to create test questions that test your students’ knowledge. Make them challenging, and do not include “trick” questions.
  4. Does your course content answer your questions? Always make sure that your test answers can be found within your course content, including audio, video, graphics, text, etc.

For more help on creating online tests or quizzes, check out these common quiz mistakes and how to avoid them! If you are looking for a great eLearning platform to host your course content and tests, here’s a great one!

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