Types of Problem Behavior

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We’ve all come across the person who’s persistently negative, or who loses their temper at the slightest setback, or who plays ‘divide and rule’ and undermines their colleagues at every turn. The cost to organizations of certain negative or obstructive behaviors is considerable – and being able to recognize and deal with them effectively is a key skill for employers and managers.

Featuring powerful original drama and analysis from leading UK workplace psychologists, this course identifies some of the most damaging behaviors in the workplace and provides a tactical toolkit for addressing them.

E-learning outcomes

This course will give a better understanding of:

  • some of the most common kinds of ‘difficult’ behavior that can manifest themselves in the workplace
  • the impact of this behavior on teams and individuals and the cost to organizations
  • effective techniques for addressing specific problem behaviors, such as anger and aggression, controlling and manipulative behavior, undermining and sabotaging, extreme emotional responses, persistent negativity and lack of engagement.

Duration: 25 minutes

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