Age Discrimination: Realizing the Benefits of an Age Diverse Workforce

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An age-diverse workforce enables your organization to draw on a broad mix of ideas, skills and experience – and gives you the edge in catering for a multi-generation audience.

Where younger employees might have a strong grasp of new technologies and web-based business media, older staff can bring experience, maturity and vital inter-personal skills – all of which combine to deliver huge benefits for your business.

Developed in partnership with the Employer’s Forum on Age, this course uses a powerful combination of drama, personal testimony and insight from employers to set out the business benefits of an age-diverse workforce and provide guidance on best practice in the workplace.

E-learning outcomes

  • the responsibilities of employers and employees under the Equality Act 2010
  • why age is a key aspect of diversity
  • why it is misleading, unreasonable and unlawful to make assumptions about people’s abilities based on age alone
  • how an ‘age-balanced’ workforce can give your organization a healthy combination of fresh thinking, new ideas, stability and experience
  • how to prevent ageism in the recruitment process
  • age laws designed to protect employees throughout their working lives
  • how the abolition of the Default Retirement Age (DRA) impacts on your organization.

Duration: 50 minutes

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