Business Writing for Supervisors and Managers

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The main objective of this training session is to provide information that can help you improve your writing skills.

Why “Business Writing for Supervisors and Managers” Matters

    • Many job functions of managers and supervisors involve written communication. Whether it’s writing reports, memos, job procedures, performance appraisals, or e-mails, writing is a daily job responsibility. Doing it well is a critical to effective management.
    • Written communications are a reflection of professional image. People judge you by the way you write. Superiors, colleagues, employees, customers, and others form impressions about the type of manager you are from the way you communicate in writing.
    • Vague words and phrases confuse or mislead the reader and waste valuable time.
    • Readers can be convinced to agree with the message of the writing if it utilizes positive language.
  • The emergence of the paperless office, e-mail, the internet and web pages increases the power of the written word. For e-mail alone, the average worker sends and/or receives more than 50 messages a day.

Key Points

    • How you write is a reflection of your professional image.
    • Effective business writing is clear, concise, correct, complete, and coherent.
    • Your choice of words has a major impact on the way your written communications are received by readers.
  • Proper sentence and paragraph structure helps readers interpret your meaning.

Duration: 23 minutes

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