Effective Employee Management Series

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Being a leader at an organization is a great step forward in workers’ careers, but many admit the title comes with challenges. According to a CareerBuilder survey, more than one-quarter of managers said they weren’t ready to become a leader when they started managing others. Fifty-eight percent said they didn’t receive any management training.

When asked what the biggest challenge is as a manager, workers in a management position said the following:

  • Dealing with issues between co-workers on my team – 25 percent
  • Motivating team members – 22 percent
  • Performance reviews – 15 percent
  • Finding the resources needed to support the team – 15 percent
  • Creating career paths for my team – 12 percent

Good management skills can positively impact productivity, performance and overall employee morale.  Let your managers and supervisors benefit from the essential information delivered in this course bundle.

Duration: 4 hours

This bundle includes 10 courses

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