Effective Meetings: How-To for Supervisors and Managers

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The main objective of this session is to help you use meetings effectively to accomplish important goals. By the time this session is over, you should be able to plan meetings to achieve the best results; conduct meetings efficiently; and participate more effectively in other people’s meetings.

Why “Effective Meetings: How-To for Supervisors and Managers” Matters

Meetings can be an excellent way to handle many important aspects of your business. Knowing how to plan and lead focused, efficient meetings is, therefore, an important supervisory skill. However, too many meetings can be time-consuming distractions from your other important work. Poorly planned and conducted meetings often serve little purpose and waste valuable resources. Just consider the cost of a meeting involving 10 people that runs for half an hour. That adds up to 5 hours worth of salaries and time taken away from other productive work. This course will teach you how to plan and conduct effective meetings.

Key Points

    • Hold meetings only when necessary;
    • Invite the right participants;
    • Make sure all necessary preparations for the meeting have been made;
    • Follow an agenda;
    • Start and finish on time;
    • Keep the meeting focused;
    • Encourage participation;
    • Summarize accomplishments; and
  • Review follow-up assignments.

Duration: 34 minutes

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