How to Manage Military Leave

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The main objective of this session is to talk about the requirements of the law concerning military leave and return to work, and to clarify the rights and responsibilities of both employees and the organization under the law. By the time this session is over, you will be able to identify the requirements of the federal military leave law; understand the rights and responsibilities of employees and the organization under the law; inform employees about military leave procedures; handle return-to-work issues appropriately; and help the organization comply with the law.

Why “How to Manage Military Leave” Matters

Employees who serve in the military perform an essential service. It is, therefore, understandable that we should do everything possible to help them protect and defend our country without being penalized in their civilian careers because of their military obligations.

Key Points

    • USSERA tries to make military leave less disruptive for employees and employers.
    • We can’t deny eligible workers military leave or refuse to re-employ them following leave.
    • Employees’ jobs and benefits are protected while they’re on leave.
    • We must provide reasonable accommodation for service-related disabilities.
  • Violations of the law can result in government investigations and costly lawsuits.

Duration: 35 minutes

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