Is it Bias? Making Diversity Work

**Under Construction**

Dr. Sondra Thiederman targets the more subtle forms of bias that insidiously undermine our ability to build truly inclusive workplaces. The course will build skills to identify bias in yourself and others and provide numerous tools to reduce that bias.

Interactive Features:

  • 12 micro video clips (49 seconds – 3 minutes)
  • Total video time: 13 minutes
  • Quickie Quizzes
  • Pre-test with immediate feedback
  • Post-test with graded answers

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop skills for identifying bias in oneself and others
  • Immediately-applicable tools for both reducing biases and controlling their impact on how we treat people who are different from ourselves

This title is part of the COR Collection Changing Our Reactions This collection of 7 courses will provide the fundamentals your employees need to understand and reshape their perspectives, opinions, and viewpoints when faced with the differences of others. COR Collection will help your employees:

  • Gain awareness of generational differences to reduce conflict Understand communication styles to improve interactions
  • Confront unconscious bias to rise above hidden prejudices Repel those same biases to avoid potential lawsuits
  • Turn unknown mannerisms into winning workplace interactions
  • Curb unwanted social advances to build a safe workplace

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