Measuring Job Performance: What Supervisors Need to Know

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All companies evaluate employees. But, too often, this evaluation is done without evidence or data by relying on impressions, incomplete observations, or even hearsay. In fact, experts in employee evaluation and human resources will tell you that a job performance appraisal system is only as good as the data on which it is based. That’s why this training session focuses on the crucial supervisory skill of measuring job performance.

Why “Measuring Job Performance:What Supervisors Need to Know” Matters

    • Accurate measurement provides the foundation for the entire performance evaluation system. Remember, the system is no better
    • than the data on which it is based. These data come from the supervisor’s observations of employee performance.
    • Measuring job performance also supports quality and productivity. Without accurate assessment of performance it’s impossible to
    • identify where and how to implement the steps that lead to real improvement.
    • Job performance measurements allow you to identify star performers and employees who are having trouble keeping up their end and need more supervision or training.
  • It puts you in the best position to give all your employees valuable feedback on how they’re doing and on the areas in which they can improve.

Key Points

    • Understand the importance of measuring job performance and know exactly what is involved in the process;
    • Be objective and specific when describing job performance and focus on behavior rather than attitudes or personalities;
    • Remember to focus on actual behaviors. This will help you to use assessment to encourage the behaviors that lead to employee and
    • organizational success and discourage those that lead to poor performance or weaken the organization as a whole;
    • Always select appropriate criteria for measuring job performance;
    • Keep complete and accurate records of applying job measurements fairly and consistently;
  • Make job performance measurement useful and meaningful—to you and your employees.

Duration: 29 minutes

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