Office Ergonomics

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The main objective of this session is to cover the topic of office ergonomics from hazards to precautions so that you can avoid developing work-related MSDs.

Why “Office Ergonomics” Matters

    • The goal of ergonomics is to reduce injuries and illness caused by stress and strain on the job. Ergonomics helps keep you safe and healthy.
    • Ergonomics involves engineering and administrative controls. For example, office ergonomics may include engineering or designing the layout of your computer workstation so that your exposure to ergonomic risks is reduced. The way or sequence in which a task is performed may also be changed to help reduce risk factors.
  • According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration—OSHA—many office workers report work-related MSDs every year. For some, the problem becomes so severe that they suffer a lot of pain and have to take time off from work for treatment and recovery.

Key Points

    • Most office workers are at risk for work-related MSDs.
    • MSDs are caused by stress and strain on your body while you work.
    • Engineering and administrative controls minimize the risks.
  • You can help by following safe work practices and reporting any MSD symptoms.

Duration: 26 minutes

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