Performance Goals: How Goals Help Supervisors Manage Employees More Effectively

The main objective of this session is to help you use goals to guide and improve employee performance so that all your employees can achieve at their highest potential.

Why “Performance Goals: How Goals Help Supervisors Manage Employees More Effectively” Matters

Performance goals are an essential supervisory tool.

  • They communicate your expectations concerning the job performance and the expectations of the organization. Performance goals establish the parameters of acceptable performance. They tell employees exactly what they need to do to be successful in their jobs.
  • Performance goals also set standards by which to measure employee performance. Without goals, it’s hard or impossible to evaluate performance. Without goals, there’s no way to be certain whether employees are living up to expectations.
  • Performance goals provide a pathway to employee improvement, growth, and opportunity. Performance goals are really a road map for employee success. They help guide and encourage career development.
  • Performance goals are powerful motivators. Goals point the way forward and encourage employees to perform at their best to meet the challenges of their work.

Key Points

Performance goals motivate and direct employee achievement.

  • They are essential to the success of employees, your department, and the organization.
  • Work together with employees to develop meaningful and useful goals.
  • Link each performance goal to an action plan to ensure achievement.

Duration: 18 minutes

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