Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Employees

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This training course is about sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s an important subject because sexual harassment is a form of illegal discrimination under federal and state civil rights laws. Our workplace also prohibits sexual harassment, both because it is illegal and also because it creates an unproductive, unpleasant, and sometimes even hostile working environment. And that’s not what we want for our workplace or our employees.

Why “Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Guide for Employees” Matters

    • Nearly 15,000 cases of sexual harassment were filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or EEOC, in a recent year. Many more cases are filed with state EEO agencies. And even more incidents probably go unreported.
    • Most sexual harassment charges are filed by women. However, the number of complaints filed by men has increased in recent years, indicating that this is not just a problem for working women.
    • We want you to be able to work in a positive environment that is free of sexual harassment.
    • We all have the right to fair treatment at work, and we want to be able to work in a comfortable, productive environment.
    • Sexual harassment makes good working relationships impossible. It undermines the trust and respect necessary for good working relationships.
  • Sexual harassment harms everyone, not just the victim. Sexual harassment has nothing but ill effects on the workplace. Men and women on every level in the workplace may be either harassers or victims.

Key Points

    • Sexual harassment is prohibited by law and workplace policy.
    • It involves more than physical conduct; it can also be verbal or visual.
    • Sexual harassment harms us all.
  • You have the power to help prevent it.

Duration: 19 minutes

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