Recordkeeping and Notice Requirements

We’ll solve this puzzle of federal requirements by focusing on a few specific goals. We’ll begin this session with an introduction highlighting the importance of records and notices and commenting on retention, storage, and destruction of records. Next, we will review the recordkeeping requirements of key employment laws so that you will be familiar with the basic rules. Then, we’ll discuss notice requirements so that you will be aware of what notices need S to be posted and how to post them in compliance with the laws.

Why “Recordkeeping and Notice Requirements” Matters

“If you don’t have a record, it didn’t happen.” This old saying from Human Resources and management circles has never been truer than it is today. It all boils down to taking good records. This presentation focuses on record-keeping and notice requirements for a number of key federal employment laws.

Key Points

  • Let’s talk just a little more about the first goal of the importance of keeping records and posting notices. Obviously, these things are important because they are required under the law, but they’re more to it than that.
  • Keeping accurate and thorough records helps your organization run smoothly and manage its human resources effectively.
  • Posting notices makes your employees aware of their rights under the law and sends a message that the rules must be obeyed.

Duration: 29 minutes

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