Training the Trainer: Effective Techniques for Dynamic Training

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For a highly mobile workforce, when many people are inexperienced at their jobs in their current careers, effective training is essential. Becoming a proficient trainer requires practice, organization, a clear sense of purpose, and an understanding of how to engage trainees in ways that will help them learn.

Why “Training the Trainer: Effective Techniques for Dynamic Training” Matters

    • Effective training of employees is essential in today’s workplace. Few people come to a job knowing exactly how to do it in a safe and responsible manner. Today’s workforce is notably mobile–most workers change not only jobs, but careers several times during their working years.
    • We also live in a time of technological advances and rapid changes in the regulatory environment.
    • Employers face challenges in cultivating and developing employees for the long term.
  • For all these reasons, effective training is more important than ever. But trainers themselves need to be trained, to increase their effectiveness and their comfort level with the job.

Key Points

    • Identify training objectives,
    • Understand the elements of adult learning,
    • Develop effective training sessions, and
  • Foster a culture of continued learning.

Duration: 30 minutes

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