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Thomas Edison sitting behind a bright lightbulb

Think Again

What do heart surgery, the moon landing, automobiles, the lightbulb, home computers and airplanes have in common? Answer: They were all thought impossible at one point by some really smart people. It’s a good thing that history’s most brilliant scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs gave things a second thought. This upbeat, humorous and inspiring video takes […]

Young woman shoplifting placing jeans into her purse

The S.T.O.P Shop

This retail shrinkage prevention program overs both internal and external factors that affect shrinkage in retail stores.  The techniques outllined in the course will teach your associates how to make loss prevention part of their everyday routine.  The course has four sections: AwarenessExternal LossesInternal TheftOperational Error Your employees will be taught simple prevention techniques that […]

Male coworker and female coworker have a conversation by a rainy window

Leadership Through Communication

Leadership is about working with your people, not against them, and effective communication is essential to leading your team. In this retail specific program, communication techniques are presented along with examples of situations in which they may apply. This course covers: Paraphrasing Communication is as much about listening and understanding as it is about talking. […]

Young woman hikes on a rocky mountain


This classic best-selling motivational video has been redone with new images and videos as well as many of the old. The new version features stunning HD footage that is sure to inspire your employees and make your presentation look phenomenal. Whether you need to open a meeting, close a meeting or even just need a […]

Young woman texting on a smart phone

Legal E-Mail & Text Messaging at Work

E-mail and text messaging are convenient forms of communication that make peoples’ jobs easier and more productive. However, with this convenience also comes great risk. This course covers all the legal risks of email, describes how email and text messaging work and details why they are not safe in many situations. This course covers: E-Mail […]

2 Business women smiling in the office

Conducting Extraordinary Performance Appraisals – Short Version

This version of the course does not have the section on employee self-appraisals or any mention of employee self appraisals. Duration: 4 Minutes

2 Business women smiling in the office

Conducting Extraordinary Performance Appraisals

This video-based course focuses on making the performance appraisal an extraordinary experience for managers and employees. Appraisals serve as an opportunity to provide constructive feedback and coaching as well as a time to give recognition and inspiration.Additionally appraisals should be part of a year long process of performance improvement rather than just a once a […]

Business man and a business woman chatting in the office

Building Your Team

This video-based course, made specifically for retail managers and supervisors, covers recruiting, interviewing and hiring retail employees. Set in a variety of retail environments, this course will take your managers through the entire hiring process start to finish. This program is one of only a few retail specific courses on the market. The course covers:RecruitingEvaluating […]

Buffalo in a field with tall grass

Flight of the Buffalo

This classic video-based course based on the best-selling business book of the same name describes that in order for an organization to change, the leader has to change. Leaders must be willing to shed old management habits and allow employees to participate in the leadership process. In order to include employees in the company’s decision-making […]

Salesman discussing produce with woman

Actions and Attitudes

This retail service course follows our host through his day as he travels to a clothing store, a sporting goods store, a stereo store, a flower shop and a hardware store. During his journey he also has telephone service experiences with his doctor and with the cable company. Both good and bad examples of retail […]

Man selling a flower to a woman

5 Star Selling

This course will take your sales associates through the the basics of selling in retail.Set in a variety of retail environments the course shows examples of good and bad sales techniques and gives your employees a simple step-by-step guide to becoming great at retail sales. This course has five sections that represent each of the […]