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The Impact of Micro-Behaviors in the Workplace

It might just be that quick glance at your watch, failing to acknowledge a colleague’s suggestion, checking your texts in a meeting or forgetting a name. Duration: 25 minutes

Unconscious Bias: Eliminating Prejudice in the Workplace

Understanding bias takes an in-depth look at the nature of bias and how it impacts on the workplace. Duration: 60 minutes

Mental Health in the Workplace: An Overview

Mental health is as important as physical health when it comes to ensuring that you have a healthy, happy and productive workforce. Duration: 40 minutes

Mental Health in the Workplace: Good Practice

Mental health is as important as physical health when it comes to ensuring that you have a healthy, happy and productive workforce. Duration: 40 minutes

Under Pressure: Coping Successfully with Stress

Stress is not just a problem for individuals: it’s now a major cause of mental health problems and consequently a huge cost for business and industry. Duration: 190 minutes

The Resilient Mindset: Face the Future with Confidence

With many organizations facing major change and restructuring, concerns about the impact on organizational performance are entirely natural – but a negative outcome doesn’t have to be inevitable. Duration: 60 minutes

Assert Yourself: How to Communicate Effectively

When we find ourselves under pressure or in confrontational situations, we may react aggressively – or we may back down and say nothing. Duration: 80 minutes

Dealing with Sensitive Issues

Whether it’s speaking to someone about their bad body odor, tackling issues around someone’s personal life, being able to have conversations around sensitive issues is a key skill that can mean the difference between a happy, productive workforce and one that’s plagued by stress, poor employee dynamics and low productivity. Duration: 25 minutes

Handling Difficult Conversations

It could be addressing someone’s behavior or work performance, breaking the news about redundancies, turning someone down for promotion or trying to get a long-term absentee back to work. Duration: 45 minutes

Understanding Problem Behavior

Problem behavior can have a huge impact on your workforce. Duration: 25 minutes

Types of Problem Behavior

We’ve all come across the person who’s persistently negative, or who loses their temper at the slightest setback, or who plays ‘divide and rule’ and undermines their colleagues at every turn. Duration: 25 minutes

Leadership Development for Managers and Supervisors

Improve the performance of your team by increasing their effective leadership skills and positioning them to be ready to meet the difficult challenges of today’s economy and business world. Duration: 5 hours

Effective Employee Management Series

Being a leader at an organization is a great step forward in workers’ careers, but many admit the title comes with challenges. Duration: 4 hours

Skills Development for Managers and Supervisors

From team building to conducting effective meetings, from developing solid interviewing skills to managing challenging employees, these courses will help elevate your managers into the future leaders of your organization. Duration: 175 minutes

Teambuilding for Supervisors

This training presentation will teach you techniques for building more effective work teams. Duration: 20 minutes