Management Coach

Learn Your Way

Combining video and text deepens your learning. Why? Because it engages more parts of your brain in the process. That’s why each Management Coach solution also includes: an outline of action steps and key points, a Q&A section to help you prepare for the unexpected, and a glossary of key terms to make sure you fully understand everything about solving the problem.

Use all these resources to suit your style: You can watch and read everything before you meet with your employee; just watch the video; or just review the written material. You can even keep the text on your screen as a “cheat sheet” during your conversation with your employee. In other words, use Management Coach any way that helps you solve your problem effectively.

Each Problem Video Contains:
  • 1-minute Pre-Learn Video
  • 4.5-minute Solution Video
  • Dramatic modeling of what to say and how to say it
  • Outline of Action Steps and Key Points
  • Q&A section to help you prepare
  • Glossary of Key Terms

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