Business Skills Training

DigitalChalk Business Skills Training
Do you want to provide leadership training and employee development that offers other employees the opportunity to succeed, take on new roles, and advance in their workplace?  DigitalChalk can help.

Choose from our on-demand course library, or if you have your own business skills training course material, you can use our Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training to create your own training.
Who Benefits from Online Business Skills Training?
A company that offers business skills training courses promotes the wellbeing of the whole operation.  Continued training in management skills and business communication will enhance the management abilities of that company’s supervisors.


Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals

This online performance appraisal training course will help provide managers and supervisors with the basic tools you need to conduct effective performance appraisals. Duration: 21 minutes

Business Skills Course Core Topics
Business skills training can seem like a daunting and broad subject to tackle. However, we’ve found that breaking down business skills into the following core topics helps create a big-picture understanding of the training requirements.

Leadership – How can your company train the trainer?  Leadership training includes the development of management and supervisory skills.
Business Communication -Interpersonal and business communication skills are vital for running a business.  Whether it’s between a sales representative and a customer, or a manager and an employee, effective and professional communication keeps a company moving.
Business Writing – Business writing training is the next logical step in supplementing the business skills of both the employees and the supervisors.  Development in writing skills can ensure that your company communicates effectively and professionally in-house and with your customers.
Soft Skills –  The previous three topics fall under the category of soft skills.  Soft skills include qualitative traits such as people skills, social skills, and personal career attributes.  Review our full collection of soft skills training courses.

Why Choose DigitalChalk’s Online Business Skills Training Program?
DigitalChalk believes that a firm grasp of business skills leads to a more well-rounded, successful company.  Whether you want access to our online course library for business skills training material or you want to customize your own courses using our Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training, we have options for you.