DOT Collector Training

The DOT is very particular about the steps collectors must take when conducting a DOT urine drug screen collection. These procedures are outlined in 49 CFR part 40 and must be followed for all DOT-regulated drug tests.
Duration: 60 minutes

HR Library for Every Business

The HR Essentials course bundle tackles a dozen, diverse topics that are immediately useful to the HR professional or business owner wearing that hat. Duration: 5 hours

On-Boarding Library for Employees

Our On-boarding Library for Employees course bundle serves as a foundation for this important training program and covers such relevant areas as workplace diversity, substance abuse, ethics, harassment and what to do in an active shooter situation. Duration: 5 hours

Working with the Bribery Act

The Bribery Act 2010 introduced a number of new offenses and imposed penalties on both organizations and individuals found to be engaging in acts of bribery. Duration: 60 minutes

Working with the Data Protection Act

As we do more and more of our daily transactions online – shopping, downloading music and films, banking, or managing things like our tax or pensions – vast amounts of information about us is captured by a range of organizations, from hospitals and local councils to banks and online retailers. Duration: 40 minutes

Maternity & Paternity: The Management Guide

There are few more important moments in a person’s life than becoming a parent – and as an employer, you have an important role in supporting them on their journey. Duration: 140 minutes

Sexual Orientation: Creating a Respectful Workplace

With more than one in twenty people in the current UK workforce being lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB), we’re all likely to come across people with a different sexual orientation to our own. Duration: 55 minutes