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DigitalChalk Microsoft Office and Business Applications Training

Programs like Microsoft Word or Excel have become integral to many workplaces. If you need to train employees of any technical skill with Microsoft courses, DigitalChalk can help. Choose from our on-demand course library, or if you have your own Microsoft Office and Business Applications course material, you can use our Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training to create your own training.

Who Benefits from Online Microsoft Office and Business Applications Training?

Microsoft Office is a standard addition to most office spaces. Employees will use it for spreadsheets, payroll, memos, presentations, and much more. Because of the pervasiveness of Microsoft Office in the modern workplace, training in the various programs can increase technical fluency for beginner users and supplement the skill of veteran users.


Microsoft Access 2016: Complete Training

Accurate data is essential in a successful business. CustomGuide’s Microsoft Access 2016 courses show how to manage, create, and analyze effective databases. Duration: 3.5 hours

Microsoft Excel 2013: Complete Training

CustomGuide’s Microsoft Excel 2013: Complete Training courses let people of any technical level learn exactly what they need to know at their own pace. Duration: 166 minutes

Microsoft Outlook 2010: Intermediate

You know the basics of Outlook 2010 but you’re ready to move on to working with tasks, archiving data and more – this Outlook 2010 Intermediate course is for you.

Google Apps

Are you new to Google Apps, working online and collaborating with other users? This Google Apps course is for you. Learn by Doing! Michael Jordan didn’t become an NBA star by watching basketball on TV; this course is completely interactive – it recreates the experience of actually using Google Apps! Each bite-size lesson also includes […]

Microsoft Sharepoint 2013

Learn how to collaborate, share, distribute documents with your company and your team using SharePoint websites and workspaces.

Microsoft Office and Business Applications Training Core Topics

We’ve narrowed down the core topics to what we believe are the key aspects of Microsoft Office and Business Applications. While there is more to it than just these applications, they are some of the most crucial starting points for training your employees.

  • Google Apps: Google Apps is essentially Google’s version of Microsoft Office. Google, however, does include some notable differences. For instance, Google Apps is solely on the cloud and, as a result, is more easily shared among users.
  • Access: Microsoft Office Access database is a management-system platform that developers use for application building.
  • Excel: Whether you use Microsoft Excel for extensive accounting or just for basic payroll, you more than likely will come across excel in your workplace. Spreadsheets are everywhere in business.
  • Word: Microsoft Word has been one of the standard word processors in the professional and academic worlds for almost three decades. Basics Microsoft Word training can streamline the productivity of your whole workplace.
  • Outlook: While most users make use of Outlook email, the program also operates as a simple personal planning application.
  • PowerPoint: Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a staple for presentations. Whether you are presenting at an office meeting, lecturing before a class, or presenting on an academic project, you will likely use a PowerPoint presentation.
  • SharePoint: Microsoft recently enabled users to share and manage files on the cloud through SharePoint. It works similarly to Google Docs.

Why Choose DigitalChalk’s Microsoft Office and Business Applications Training Programs?

DigitalChalk can provide what you need to train your employees on how to use Microsoft Office and Business Applications. Whether you want to access to our online course library for Microsoft Office and Business Applications training material or you want to customize your own courses using our Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training, we have options for you.