Occupational Health & Safety Training

DigitalChalk Occupational Health and Safety Training

The safety of employees is one of the top concerns of an employer.  Teach employees to consider all the potential safety “what if’s” and mitigate liability risk by creating a workplace safety training program. DigitalChalk can help. Choose from our on-demand course library, or if you have your own safety training courses material, you can use our Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training to create your own training.

Who Benefits From Online Health and Safety?

It’s the employer’s responsibility to train employees on health and safety.  Whether your company directs your employees to take online health and safety courses, watch safety training videos, or engage in any other form of training, it is important that everyone knows the best ways to stay safe in the workplace.  A safe work environment benefits the whole business because it increases employee satisfaction and productivity, and decreases liability.


Bloodborne Pathogens

This online bloodborne pathogen safety training course will teach employees to identify bloodborne pathogens, or BBPs, that might be present in the workplace and understand how certain diseases are transmitted through blood. Duration: 28 minutes

Accident Investigation

This session will show the importance of accident investigation, how to talk to witnesses, what questions to ask when evaluating an accident scene, how to determine causal factors, and how to identify corrective actions. Duration: 22 minutes

Emergency Action and Fire Prevention

This training presentation will teach you to understand hazards that lead to an emergency, evacuate an area in an emergency, respond to an emergency, protect yourself from fire and other hazards, prevent fires, and respond to fires and spills. Duration: 20 minutes

Process Safety Management

Welcome to the training session on safely using, handling, moving, and storing highly hazardous chemicals. Duration: 25 minutes

Occupational Health and Safety Training Core Topics

Workplace safety topics can seem like a daunting and broad subject to tackle. However, we’ve found that breaking workplace safety into the following core topics helps create a big-picture understanding of the training requirements.

  • Workplace Safety: Are your health and safety guidelines clearly posted and communicated?  Are your employees aware of the possible workplace hazards?  Always make sure that you provide effective health and safety training.
  • OSHA Safety Training: Make sure that you comply with any federal laws and regulations regarding health and safety.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) creates and enforces many of the laws regarding health and safety.
  • Disaster and Emergency Management Training: There is no way to tell when a natural disaster or an emergency situation will occur.  However, with the right safety training, you can prepare your employees to respond quickly and safely in the event of a natural disaster or emergency.
  • Workplace Ergonomics: Ergonomics is essentially the process of adapting the work environment to reduce physical stress on the worker.  For example, if a job requires heavy lifting, the worker should receive training on how to lift objects ergonomically.
  • Workplace Security: Workplace violence training and security awareness training are the two best places to start in this category.  Every employee needs to know what to do in the case of an emergency that threatens the safety of the workplace.

Why Choose DigitalChalk’s Online Health and Safety Training Programs?

DigitalChalk believes that the first step to creating a safe and healthy workplace is the proper training. Whether you want access to our online course library for health and safety training material or you want to customize your own courses using our Learning Management System (LMS_ for corporate training, we have options for you.