Soft Skills Training

DigitalChalk Employee  Soft Skills Training

An employee’s ability to listen, communicate and relate to others has a significant impact on your business. Successful companies recognize that employees who can collaborate, solve problems and lead a team directly influence productivity, morale and sales. So valued are these abilities, top companies seek to hire candidates whose soft skills surpass their initial technical knowledge. DigitalChalk wants to help you in developing soft skills in your workplace. Choose from our on-demand course library, or if you have your own soft skills training courses, you can use our Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training to create your own training.

Who Benefits from Online Soft Skills Training?

The short answer is everyone! From the C-Suite to the baseline employees, everyone can benefit from training and development in soft skills. Make sure that your employees and supervisors alike are aware of what soft skills are and how they help your staff develop effective skills and strategies for communication and collaboration.



Management Coach

That’s why each Management Coach solution also includes: an outline of action steps and key points, a Q&A section to help you prepare for the unexpected, and a glossary of key terms to make sure you fully understand everything about solving the problem.

The Resilient Mindset: Face the Future with Confidence

With many organizations facing major change and restructuring, concerns about the impact on organizational performance are entirely natural – but a negative outcome doesn’t have to be inevitable. Duration: 60 minutes

Dealing with Sensitive Issues

Whether it’s speaking to someone about their bad body odor, tackling issues around someone’s personal life, being able to have conversations around sensitive issues is a key skill that can mean the difference between a happy, productive workforce and one that’s plagued by stress, poor employee dynamics and low productivity. Duration: 25 minutes

Handling Difficult Conversations

It could be addressing someone’s behavior or work performance, breaking the news about redundancies, turning someone down for promotion or trying to get a long-term absentee back to work. Duration: 45 minutes

Types of Problem Behavior

We’ve all come across the person who’s persistently negative, or who loses their temper at the slightest setback, or who plays ‘divide and rule’ and undermines their colleagues at every turn. Duration: 25 minutes

Leadership Development for Managers and Supervisors

Improve the performance of your team by increasing their effective leadership skills and positioning them to be ready to meet the difficult challenges of today’s economy and business world. Duration: 5 hours

Skills Development for Managers and Supervisors

From team building to conducting effective meetings, from developing solid interviewing skills to managing challenging employees, these courses will help elevate your managers into the future leaders of your organization. Duration: 175 minutes

Handling Employee Complaints

The main objective of this session is to help you handle employee complaints successfully so that you and your employees can get past the problems that lead to complaints and get on with your work. Duration: 26 minutes

Soft Skills Training Core Topics

While the term soft skills hold a rather broad definition, we’ve consolidated it to these few key examples. With these core topics in mind, you can begin your soft skills training.

  • Unconscious Bias: This is your brain’s split-second reaction when you come into contact with a person or object. Unconscious bias makes conclusions based on first impressions and can affect decision making in the workplace. Every employee should be provided with the appropriate training to understand and recognize unconscious bias.
  • Supervisor and Manager Soft Skills: Soft skills are an important aspect of supervisor training. Does a supervisor have good communication skills, a strong work ethic, and a high level of professionalism? Developing these traits in those holding management positions can make a strong difference in your workplace.
  • Employee Soft Skills: Just as supervisors and managers need training and development in their soft skills, so do baseline employees. Soft skills are vital for personal success.
  • Stress Management: Stress management awareness training can create an inclusive work environment that promotes the safety and well-being of all employees. Learn what you can do through proper training.

Why Choose DigitalChalk’s Online Soft Skills Training Program?

DigitalChalk believes that the first step to creating a workplace that communicates and collaborates is the proper training. Whether you want access to our online course library for soft skills training material or you want to customize your own courses using our Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training, we have options for you.