Talent Development Training

DigitalChalk Talent Development Training

Research shows that replacing an employee can cost upwards of 200% of their annual salary. Successful businesses retain their best employees by putting strategies in place that cultivate and develop their top talent. Every company wants to develop and retain its top talent. The health of a business relies on the innovation and hard work of its best workers. DigitalChalk can help. Choose from our on-demand course library, or if you have your own talent development training courses material, you can use our Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training to create your own training.

Who Benefits from Online Talent Development Training?

On the most basic level, the employees receiving the training benefit the most. But, leadership development initiatives, talent management systems, and greater efforts towards employee retention not only increase the skills of individual employees, but can propel your business forward by identifying and strengthening their leadership skills.



Gender Identity & LGBT Harassment

Not knowing how to respectfully communicate, some team members express their confusion and discomfort by making thoughtless comments or telling inappropriate jokes.


The EDGE Advantage

Designed to reduce barriers and improve productivity, interact with a virtual workgroup of individuals who are diverse in many ways and have been assigned to a newly created department.


Climate Roadmap

Develop a culture of smart risk-takers and build a thriving environment that drives innovation across your organization.


Ideas Roadmap

Apply a sound approach to ideation and think differently to develop original ideas that drive business value.

Workplace Ethics: For Supervisors

The objective of this training session is to help ensure that as an organization and as individuals we act ethically in all matters related to our business. Duration: 30 minutes

Planning and Organizing Skills for Supervisors

Planning and organizing are two of the key functions performed by any manager or supervisor that makes good planning and organizing skills an extremely important asset. Duration: 29 minutes

Leading vs. Managing Training

This course will introduce employees to the foundational concepts of leadership and how they differ from management. Duration: 1.5 hours

Talent Development Training Core Topics

Talent development is a huge topic and deciding which training will work best for your business can be difficult. We’ve decided to narrow the large-scale topic down to a few of the following focus areas.

  • Gender Identity: Employee retention and tenure rates have historically been lower among women than men. Regardless of the varying opinions on the issue, it means that gender diversity training is a vital aspect of talent development. Make sure to avoid things like workplace harassment and sex discrimination. On the flip-side, implement programs like apprenticeship initiatives for women so that you can retain your top talent.
  • Harassment Education: Clearly define harassment and have a zero-tolerance policy. Harassment at the workplace is never acceptable and it could deter top talent from continuing their job in your workplace.
  • Bias: Discuss implicit and unconscious bias with your employees. Train and educate them to understand how their biases affect the workplace and on how to build awareness of their biases. This way your workplace will be a respectful environment with increased employee satisfaction.
  • Ethics in the Workplace: Always encourage ethical behavior in the workplace. Work to develop a strong company code of ethics so that your employees will do strong, honest work. Your top talent is often your ethical worker.

Why Choose DigitalChalk’s Online Talent Development Training Program?

DigitalChalk believes that the first step to creating a workplace that determines to develop and retain top talent is the proper training. Whether you want to access to our online course library for talent development training material or you want to customize your own courses using our Learning Management System (LMS) for corporate training, we have options for you.