Workplace Safety for HR Professionals and Business Owners

Do you fully understand what your responsibilities are when it comes to compliance with OSHA and other federal and state safety rules and regulations? For many organizations, getting the information and tools you need to stay on track and in compliance is time-consuming and expensive.

The Workplace Safety training bundle includes everything you need to increase awareness of general safety practices and achieve workplace compliance with even the most complicated regulations.


Duration: 6.5 hours

This bundle includes 16 courses

Bloodborne Pathogens

This online bloodborne pathogen safety training course will teach employees to identify bloodborne pathogens, or BBPs, that might be present in the workplace and understand how certain diseases are transmitted through blood. Duration: 28 minutes

Accident Investigation

This session will show the importance of accident investigation, how to talk to witnesses, what questions to ask when evaluating an accident scene, how to determine causal factors, and how to identify corrective actions. Duration: 22 minutes

Fire Extinguisher

This training session will discuss what causes a fire, what fire extinguishers do, how to use an extinguisher, and different fire suppressant materials. Duration: 23 minutes

Exit Routes: Supervisors

This training presentation will explain how to set up and maintain exit routes, implement the requirements of the facility Emergency Action Plan, recognize alarm signals, and implement evacuation procedures. Duration: 24 minutes

Emergency Action and Fire Prevention

This training presentation will teach you to understand hazards that lead to an emergency, evacuate an area in an emergency, respond to an emergency, protect yourself from fire and other hazards, prevent fires, and respond to fires and spills. Duration: 20 minutes

Industrial Ergonomics Training

This session will look at some of the basic principles of ergonomics so that you can use a commonsense approach to working safely. Duration: 24 minutes

Good Housekeeping

There is a direct correlation between a clean, neat, and orderly workplace and a safe, successful organization. Poor housekeeping, on the other hand, creates hazards and invites accidents. Duration: 18 minutes

New Employee Safety Orientation

By the end of this session, you will be able to understand your role in our company's safety and health program, including security procedures, and get safety information from various sources. Duration: 28 minutes

Job Hazard Analysis

The main objective of this session is to make you more familiar with job hazard analysis. Duration: 25 minutes

Process Safety Management

Welcome to the training session on safely using, handling, moving, and storing highly hazardous chemicals. Duration: 25 minutes

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