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Online Presentations Users Love!

Create interactive and engaging presentations for your users. Easily integrate all different types of content, including HD video, audio, PowerPoint, Keynote, images, chapter sections, checkpoints, and much more. Create your presentation with ease. We know you and your users will have a great experience.

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Tests & Exams That Show Results.

Evaluate your users and check their understanding of the subject. Customize your tests using T/F, multiple choice, multiple select question types. Enjoy special features such as question pooling, question randomization, required responses, instructor feedback, automatted self-grading, and more.

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Track and Report User Success

Track & Report User Success.

Access important data, including progress reports, course completion status, and grading transcripts for each user. View/export individual and course offering reports in real-time. Also review standard reports such as user registration, user completion, and an account summary report.

Certificates in Features

Congratulate Your Users!

Design amazing Certificates of Completion in just a few clicks. Use the default certificate template, or create your own with a background image and drag-and-drop fields, such as course title, user name, course completion date, instructor, etc. Your users will feel a sense of accomplishment when they receive their certificate!

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Integrate your Systems with our API

Share Information between DigitalChalk and other Systems

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DigitalChalk: CRM

DigitalChalk: SSO

Single Sign-On
DigitalChalk: Backoffice

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DigitalChalk: Shopping Cart

Shopping Carts

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More Features

Track Student Progress

  • Guide student progress via prerequisites & learning paths
  • Incorporate secure online tests, assignments and more
  • Export user data and create real-time reports
  • Deliver timed courses & inactivity timeouts

Register Students Quickly

  • Import students via mass uploads
  • Automate uploads to save time and reduce errors
  • Enable students to self-register
  • Create login rules, single sign-on, and IP controlled access

Provide Secure On-the-Go Training

  • Enjoy reliable and secure cloud-based access
  • Enable students to access courses on iPads & Tablets
  • Offer public and private course catalog options

Create Interactive Online Courses

  • Engage students with HD Streaming Video (HDLearn®)
  • Attach documents, PDFs and many other file types
  • Deliver SCORM compliant courses
  • Enjoy an online course editing suite
  • Communicate with students through course commenting

Customize Course Appearance

  • Brand courses with your logo and colors
  • Customize groups and terms of use
  • Create custom certificate of completions
  • Send students custom email notifications
  • Add customized thumbnail images for each course

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From Our Clients

“We had our online courses up in running within a week of starting our account. Kristen and her team considered seven different LMS partners before choosing DigitalChalk. They found the most critical differentiator between DigitalChalk and all others LMS offerings was the dedicated and personal customer service DigitalChalk provides.

Kristen Nelson
American Real Estate Academy

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