The Chalkboard Element

DigitalChalk Chalkboard

The Chalkboard Element

This element allows you to upload HD video, synchronize PowerPoint slides, add audio, and create online slides with the built-in HTML editor. Easily embed websites and video clips directly within your presentation. Using the Content Timeline editor, you can quickly synchronize all types of content to create an interactive presentation.

Online Editing Suite

Within the Chalkboard element, you have an entire online editing suite at your fingertips. In addition to uploading and synchronizing all types of content to form a presentation, a few additional customizable tools are available. These tools include multiple layout options, chapter points and checkpoints.

DigitalChalk Chalkboard Editing Suite
DigitalChalk Chalkboard Layouts

Different Layout Templates

There are 5 unique layout options to display your presentation:

  • Inherited (default) is based on what is set by the parent course, organization, or system.
  • Large Video displays a large video window and a smaller notes section.
  • Audio Only displays the slides, notes, and chapters. No video window is displayed.
  • Video Only displays a large video only, without slides, notes, or chapters.
  • Small Video displays a small video window, larger slide window, notes, and chapters.

Adding Chapter Points

Chapter points are simply created by assigning a topic or chapter title to a particular time stamp. The chapter points appear in the chalkboard for the user to keep track of the topics throughout the video or presentation. The user can then click on a particular point and skip to that section of the video.

DigitalChalk Chalkboard Chapters
DigitalChalk Media Manager

Manage Your Media

Managing your media is easy! Upload audio or video with a click of a button. If you are uploading slides, there are several options to choose from:

  • Create a new slide using the slide editor
  • Create a new slide from an external site
  • Upload image from your local computer
  • Upload a zip file of images from your local computer
  • Convert a PowerPoint Presentation into slides

Adding Checkpoints

If you would like reassurance that your user is watching the entire video or presentation, you can create checkpoints. These are simple pop-up questions that pause the video, and the user must answer in order to continue watching. Choose from a button, password, true/false, or multiple choice checkpoint. All checkpoints are completely customizable and also have the option to “reset” the chalkboard if the user answers incorrectly.

DigitalChalk Chalkboard Chapters Points