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Protect Your IP and Licensing Revenue from Theft and Misuse

With Sciolytix Content Fortress, you are in complete control of your Intellectual Property (IP). You can give access to your courses on a customer’s LMS, meter exact usage, track each learner’s performance, and easily manage version control.

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Learn why Content Fortress is the best solution for managing SCORM and AICC for online content creators.

What is Content Fortress?

Content Fortress is a cost-effective solution that allows Continuing Education businesses to keep their course content safe from theft and misuse and create enterprise sales opportunities. You can package your content as a SCORM or AICC file in any of your preferred tools, like Articulate. All you have to do after that is upload the file into Content Fortress, create a license, and give the licensed file to your customers, who upload that file into whatever LMS they’re using. It couldn’t be easier.

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Control is in Your Hands

In the LMS world, IP theft is often inadvertent, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen regularly. Continuing Education businesses lose millions in revenue when clients run their content on an LMS separate from the one they use, and you lose track of usage and versioning, unless you have IP protection, content licensing, and consumption monitoring.

Content Fortress puts the control back in your hands with powerful IP protection, advanced usage reporting, and license capping.

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