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Save time and money using the most technically robust, easy-to-use LMS for Continuing Education.

With over 13 million test questions answered and 82 years of video content delivered, Sciolytix’s DigitalChalk LMS is the #1 platform for Continuing Education providers. Our blend of industry-leading technology, service and expertise, make it easy to provide a rich, engaging experience for your learners. We look forward to speaking with you!

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walkthrough demo

A short needs analysis and solution demo is the best way to see how Digitalchalk can help you deliver impactful learning to your clients.

Save time and money

DigitalChalk is simple to use and saves time for every CE provider.

Unlimited support

We offer full user support to administrators and students alike.

Deliver engaging courses

Our built in features facilitate your students’ knowledge retention.

Track student data for accreditation and certification

Track real-time student data to submit to the appropriate governing bodies for accreditation, certification, and licensure, and track our best-selling courses to make better strategic business decisions.

Reward students with gamification

Provide the best online learning experience by rewarding students with gamified course elements like leaderboards, badges, and certificates.

Make a difference

Our dedicated team of experts will always work with you to ensure that DigitalChalk is the best experience for your students.
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Industry-Leading Support
for you AND your learners

Sciolytix clients and their learners have access to our elite customer support team. With a Net Promoter Score on par with brands such as American Express, Polo Ralph Lauren and Costco, we pride ourselves on being here for you every step of the way. Your success is truly our success.

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Everything you need in an easy-to-use online course platform.

Create, market, and sell your courses with ease. Already have content? Adding it to Sciolytix is ultra simple.

Sciolytix provides all the tools you need to deliver engaging courses that facilitate your students’ knowledge retention with features like gamification that offer leaderboards, badges, and certificates, student tracking, unlimited support and more. Our walkthrough demos help get you up and running in no time. Get started today!