DigitalChalk Plan Descriptions

Your plan page lays out the fee components of your billing plan.

There are a handful of possible components in your plan. If any of these fees are not listed on your plan page, then they are not charged under your plan:

  1. The subscription amount. This can be monthly or annual, and is shown in gray lettering underneath your plan title.
  2. Active Users. An active user is defined as anyone who authenticates (logs in) with DigitalChalk during the measured time period or is performing actions (ex: Participating in courses, Reviewing reports, Creating courses, etc.) within the DigitalChalk platform during that time period.  Additionally, a user will be counted as an active user if their registration records are modified during the period.  Modification of a user’s registration includes registering a user for a course or event, updating a users course grade or individual course element grade or event attendance, starting a course, event or course element or completing a course, event or course element.  An exception to this is if a users registration is modified to an ejected status because the user is deleted from the system.
  3. Registration Fees. This is the amount paid per registration. If you pay registration fees then you will not pay active user fees.
  4. Element-Driven Course Fees. If you are on an element-based fee plan, you will pay a fee per course registration based on your plan pricing table.
  5. Credit Card Fees. These are charged when courses are sold through the DigitalChalk storefront and a credit card is used by learners to pay for courses.
  6. Course Admin Upgrade. This one-time fee is charged when you exceed your plan’s maximum number of admin users.

If you have any questions regarding your plan, please reach out to