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DigitalChalk Announces Partnership with ProctorFree

Asheville, NC

DigitalChalk announced today that it has partnered with ProctorFree to provide integrated proctoring technology in the DigitalChalk platform. This partnership impacts anyone that wants to sell, manage, and deliver online courses with an added layer of identity management and virtual proctoring. The technology designed by each company, now offered together, provides enterprise-grade abilities to individual business owners, trainers, and large organizations.

Mike Murphy, CEO of ProctorFree said: “Now more than ever, we are seeing organizations scramble to upgrade their existing delivery mechanism for online training, significantly add volume to what they currently have, or find an all-in-one solution. Our seamless integration and partnership provide that opportunity and put the power back in the hands of someone running their own business, or a key stakeholder that delivers training as part of a large organization. “

Data from the U.S. Department of Education indicates that more than one-third of all college students now take at least one course online. This phenomenon isn’t unique just to higher education. Commercial, Non-Profit, and industry specific training entities are also delivering training and measuring critical outcomes via remote proctored assessments.

“There are options and then there are solutions. The integration of ProctorFree’s AI powered proctoring service into DigitalChalk’s robust LMS creates a powerful solution that CEU authorities, higher education providers, and experts in any niche can use to fully automate the proctoring authentication and monitoring process. Their product seamlessly integrates with DigitalChalk and can literally be set up within seconds. The ProctorFree student experience is absolutely extraordinary and so easy to navigate that any user, regardless of their technical acumen, can effortlessly navigate that experience without difficulty. Our partnership with ProctorFree is one of the best decisions we’ve made to advance DigitalChalk’s technical capabilities for our subscribers and their students.” – Dave Tinker, VP of eCommerce Solutions at DigitalChalk.

A recent award recipient from SoftwareReviews, DigitalChalk maintains a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 50, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction compared to the industry average of -34. DigitalChalk and ProctorFree will be available to provide demonstrations and on-demand material about this integration to interested parties. For more information please visit their respective websites at or

About ProctorFree

ProctorFree is an on-demand, automated proctoring solution designed to help institutions of higher learning and commercial organizations add layers of security and academic integrity to the online learning environment experience. ProctorFree provides an accurate identification, authentication, and proctoring solution that is scalable, user-friendly, and cost-effective.

For more information about ProctorFree please visit

About DigitalChalk

DigitalChalk is a Learning Management System (LMS) built to provide a sustainable and powerful eLearning strategy. From transformative employee training to a robust course creator and marketing platform, DigitalChalk offers a complete solution for online learning.

To learn how you can make use of this integration in your online business, please feel free to contact us at

About DigitalChalk

DigitalChalk is your complete solution for creating and delivering your training online. No matter who you train, the DigitalChalk platform is a time-saving, efficient, learning management system (LMS) that lets you design and launch your courses, your way.

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Karle Stinehour
Karle Stinehour
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