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Introducing Selleration’s UPtick: The Newest Addition to DigitalChalk’s Online Training Solution

DigitalChalk is pleased to announce a partnership with Selleration to deliver the most innovative sales enablement training currently on the market. Selleration offers the only Sales Readiness platform that enables your sales leaders to predict, measure, and develop the ability of their salespeople to reach quota.

Role-play, a backbone feature of most sales training, has been modernized with 3D animated, automated scenarios your team can access 24/7 via mobile, tablet or laptop devices, complete with scoring and coaching for training at scale. Customized role-plays, specific to your business, can introduce new products or reinforce desired selling skills and behaviors. New virtual reality capabilities captivate your sales team and are perfect to evaluate, practice, and coach elevator pitches and key concepts.

Sales training avatar with interactive conversation

Use UPtick’s dynamic, automated, scalable role-plays to:

  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Accelerate onboarding
  • Improve judgment in selling situations
  •  And reduce time-to-revenue

3D Simulated Role-Play

Engage your sales reps with low-risk and low-cost avatar-based roleplaying. Learners can practice vital sales skills by holding 3D simulated conversations in encounters designed to test and bolster their sales acumen. This feature allows learners to hone their skills in a low-risk environment before you send them out to real-life sales situations.

Sales DNA Assessment

Let’s be blunt. Onboarding employees is expensive. There’s potentially even more money at stake when hiring sales reps since the sales team is more than likely one, if not the, primary source of revenue for your business. To mitigate the financial risk of sales rep turnover, you need a way to assess the skills and abilities of potential hires. Reduce this risk with UPtick’s easy online assessment.

Learning Cadence

After assessing the skills and abilities of your sales team, UPtick prescribes a custom training program tailored to the needs of individual sales reps. Develop strengths where weaknesses previously existed to help your sales team increase revenue.

Knowledge Game

Gamification is a proven method for boosting learner engagement with online training. UPtick integrates a trivia game that can be customized to include content specific to your industry. Increase learner retention with the gamified training content.


UPtick’s robust reporting system tells you what you need to about your sales team’s abilities so you can make better sales hiring and training decisions. You will also know the exact ways in which your sales reps need to grow so that they enhance their performance. 

Better Decision-Making Starts Here

Accelerate your business success with Selleration’s UPtick delivered by DigitalChalk. To learn more, download our information sheet, or watch our quick video to see this innovative sales enablement technology in action.

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Karle Stinehour
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