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3 Reasons to Offer Training Online

by | Mar 15, 2013 | Business Training

DigitalChalk: 3 Reasons to Offer Training Online

If you’re reading this, you are most likely already considering online training as a way to offer and sell your courses. Sometimes the transition from traditional face-to-face classroom training to online training can seem daunting, but there are many different reasons for going online. We have narrowed it down to three great reasons to offer training online.


Teaching live is expensive. Beyond the basic travel expenses, you may also have to pay for the classroom or venue that you use. Offering online training is a much more cost-effective solution than traditional, face-to-face training, as it requires no travel or physical location. This is probably the biggest advantage of online training – your students can learn anywhere and anytime they want.


Teaching live takes up more of your time – you have to be present every time you teach a class. Moving your training online only takes the initial time of setting up your courses and maintaining them. Once your courses are ready to go, you can deliver those courses without the need to be present. Again, online training removes the time restriction and allows students to take your courses anytime it is convenient to them.


By creating your courses online, you can ensure that your course provides consistent, quality material to everyone that takes your course. Your online content will be the same to every student, every time. In addition, your students can pause and rewind the material, unlike a live lecture.

There are many other reasons to move your courses online, but these three really focus on how training online can maximize your time and profit, while maintaining a consistent level of quality for every student. Spend less time, make more money and deliver higher quality!

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