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6 Tips for Establishing a Healthy Workplace Culture

Workplace culture. What does that mean exactly? It seems like a vague or broad-sweeping term with an “all-of-the-above” aura. But a healthy workplace culture can positively affect your bottom line if you go about it mindfully and with a set purpose. Culture surfaces wherever groups of humans are, which means your workplace culture is there whether you realize it or not. So we’re here to help you establish the best workplace culture. Doing so will result in higher quality work and increased employee satisfaction.

Your goal when building your workplace culture is to create a workplace with strength and longevity. You want the result to be a lasting community that shares company values, fosters employee satisfaction, and increases business productivity. Here’s how you can achieve that goal:

1. Clearly define company goals and values. This one will take some thought. Ideally, a company will define its goals and values before it even opens for business. It’s unlikely that the goals and values of a business go ignored during the creation of a company. What’s more probable, however, is that employees might not be aware of the company’s values. It’s mostly an issue of communication. Clearly communicate with your employees so that they know what it is your workplace is fundamentally about. From the time of the first job interview, to the day-to-day work, to retirement: make sure that employees know why they’re doing what they’re doing and how they can contribute to the workplace culture.

2. Demonstrate goals and values through leadership. Now that your employees know what the goals and values of their workplace culture are, it’s the job of the managers and supervisors to lead by example. While it’s good that you can verbally articulate the goals and values of your company, you need to exemplify the standards of your workplace through your actions. Let your work and your leadership be the model for how employees act in your workplace.

3. Show gratitude to employees for their hard work. Letting employees know that their work is appreciated will create a positive workplace environment. Positivity increases morale, and when morale is high, so is productivity. When you value the work of your employees, and they know that it’s valued, they will be more likely to enjoy their work, which, in turn, will yield both higher productivity and a better overall workplace atmosphere. Don’t let good work go unnoticed. 

4. Prioritize employee wellness. A healthy employee is a better employee. Encourage everyone in your workplace to maintain their health. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can invest in employee wellness training. You can purchase ergonomic office furniture that puts less of a strain on the body during the workday. You can even implement company wellness challenges to see who can get the most steps in a work day, who can drink more water, and who can pack their own, healthier lunch instead of going out to eat. Reward the winners with small incentives like gift cards, catered lunches, and workplace parties. These small ways to bolster employee wellness will keep your workplace culture healthy and more productive.

5. Have fun! Find little ways to reward your employees and yourself for demonstrating that you care about your workplace culture. You’ve worked hard to get this far, so enjoy your accomplishment. Have a “Taco Tuesday.” Schedule after-work softball games. Develop a sense of humor unique to your company. Just make sure you instill an understanding of what kinds of humor are work appropriate and those that aren’t. Find the things that make your workplace enjoyable and celebrate them. 

6. Invest in your people. Employees want to feel that their supervisors are interested in their professional growth. Training is one of the best ways to develop your employees to be positive contributors to your bustling workplace culture.

DigitalChalk Can Help

With a healthy positive corporate culture, you’ll have a robust bottom line and reduced employee turnover. Employees will be more productive and they’ll want to stick around. Looking for ways to form a strong, lasting workplace culture? Look no further. Check out DigitalChalk’s on-demand course library for all the online training that you need to establish a healthy workplace culture. 

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