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eLearning Helps Businesses to Cut Turnover

by | Jun 30, 2016 | Business Training

The high rate of employee turnover can be worrying to any employer. Career advancement, recruiting, interviewing, training of new employees and also time taken by new employees to adapt, cannot be handled by an ill-equipped HR department. There is a need for employees to learn and develop in today’s new-age corporate. The valuable and most ambitious employees need to improve continuously to maximize performance.

The job market today is very competitive and organizations have to continuously train and provide learning opportunities to their employees. This helps to improve skills and also gives employees opportunity to grow. Learning, however, has to change. Incorporating eLearning to provide a blended approach to learning is a perfect solution.

Furthermore, the use of technology and particular eLearning in career development can help reduce employee turnover. Technology will help improve skills, continually give employees new challenges, show the ambitions of a company and also keep the employees satisfied. Below are several ways which eLearning can help in career development.


The attitude of your employees is critical in developing their career. Many will often see more learning as additional work since it involves a lot of reading. Thus, making even more important that online courses are used instead of the hard copies and books. The use of HR software will make learning even more simpler. Develop a program that is engaging to grab attention, and this helps in maintaining focus throughout the course.


There is need to retain the exceptional employees. Hence, it is vital that the employees understand the benefits of learning. This could be done by designing the learning process in a way that helps the employee find a career path within the organization. Emphasizing on benefits will keep the employees motivated within the period that the whole eLearning process will take place. To achieve this, it’s important to have testimonials from experts and fellow employees on the value of such a course.


E-courses should have interactivity means of assessing the learners. This method can be a very powerful tool in helping employees engage and develop their career through training. The use of audiovisuals and simple slides can be engaging and is a seamless way of engaging employees. Interactivities should also be simple to avoid overloading the learner. The employees must be comfortable and in an environment that makes learning and interacting easy. The importance of such activity is to help the learner evaluate how much he or she has learned and retained.

Encourage employees to take charge of their career development

Being active in one’s own career development helps speed up the learning process. The employee must want to learn and the use of technology helps employees build online profiles to show their advanced skills. It also helps in expanding employee’s interest, goals, and also improves communication with top managers. When an employee understands the benefits of a career development, they focus on skills relevant to business as well as their career.


The training aimed at developing an employee should be sustainable. Thus, one can extract the information that is relevant and can be used in a long term. The use of graphs in a course can be useful in giving a lot of valuable information to learners. It is more appealing to learners and easy to understand. eLearning is a sustainable initiative that aid learners as materials can be easily accessed at any time.

Personalized learning

Every employee is different and has different interests. It is vital that learners have designed courses that fit their perceived capabilities. These courses can be categorized based on employee’s interest.

eLearning has made employee development achievable. It has given employees a way to engage and connect with their workplace.

Written by: Malcolm Rowlings

Malcolm Rowlings spends his time elevating businesses through independent consultant work, with core focuses around; bigger ideas, bottom-lines and better business. When Malcolm isn’t writing, or meeting with a board, he’s gearing for the eventual ultra marathon he’s been planning for years.

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