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How to Start Quickly, Save Time, and Manage Your Online Training

If you’re an in-house trainer, you’re faced with obstacles like time constraints, content design/control, coupled with customized back-end tracking and reporting requirements. Without the right learning management system (LMS), these minor headaches can quickly become major migraines!
DigitalChalk Learning Management System

Obstacle #1: Time is usually of the essence. For in-house and staff trainers, you’re constantly under the gun to produce high-quality, skill-based training that delivers! Unfortunately, time frames for roll-outs are short, budgets slashed, leaving you feeling even more stressed and pushed to perform. If you choose a learning management system that requires a high learning curve and is cumbersome to manipulate, you’ll add, not subtract, precious hours in getting training courses launched online.

Obstacle #2: If you build it, will it work? There’s a real “catch 22” for staff trainers. There isn’t time to devote countless hours determining which platform features you need to design, edit, and launch courses on your learning management system; but if you don’t understand upfront exactly what your LMS can and can’t do, you may select the wrong one!

Obstacle #3: Once you’ve got it, how do you manage it? It can be a nightmare to learn that the LMS platform you’ve chosen is incapable of producing the detailed tracking and real-time reports required by your company. And if your system won’t allow you to perform single sign-on, you won’t be able to integrate your learning management system into your company’s existing systems.

We know you want to sidestep training obstacles. That’s why the best choice is DigitalChalk for your learning management platform. Our full-featured system boasts training and one-on-one assistance that’s second to none, getting you up to speed to do what you do best…train. With our built-in Course Editing Suite, you’ll breeze through uploading content including audio, video, assignments, tests….even SCORM content. Our LMS allows you to track your employees’ training progress, create reports in real-time and even brand and customize certificates of completion using your company’s logo and color theme.

About DigitalChalk

DigitalChalk is your complete solution for creating and delivering your training online. No matter who you train, the DigitalChalk platform is a time-saving, efficient, learning management system (LMS) that lets you design and launch your courses, your way.

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