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3 Content Fortress Reports for Increased Visibility and Control of Your Course Content

by | May 12, 2022 | DigitalChalk

Continuing education companies are constantly looking to deliver their content across different learning management systems without blindly handing over files and losing control of their intellectual property. Content Fortress allows them to license and deliver that content on any LMS while still retaining control. 

More importantly, they become a more valuable partner in the eyes of their clients, who now see them as solution-finders rather than someone who isn’t innovative enough to meet their ever-changing needs.

Below are three reports in Content Fortress that increase your visibility and control:

1. Client report — The client report in Content Fortress tracks the number of your clients and their active licenses, total number of courses they use, and the number of course registrations in their organizations. You have total visibility over how your clients use your intellectual property in other LMS platforms. This includes if they are reaching their registration cap or if their license is about to expire.

2. License report — The license report compiles all the data about your licensed course content and puts it in one place. You can see information like which clients are using this license, total registrations, start and end dates, and more. This is a high-level overview of all your licensed content.

3. Licensed registration report — This report helps keep track of your students and your clients’ students on other LMSs that use your IP while also reporting these findings to governing bodies for accreditation and certification.

The great part about these reports is that there are plenty more where these come from. Content Fortress is the best tool to protect your IP and content licensing revenue.

Additional benefits include:

1. No need to change how you package your content

2. One place to manage that content (it doesn’t matter if you’ve got four clients or 1,000)

3. Monitor consumption and cap the number of licenses for each customer

4. It’s uploaded once and updates automatically (no time-consuming manual efforts)

5. Get paid for exactly what your customer has purchased

6. Unmatched visibility into how learners are interacting with your courses

7. No more losing money and stressing over version control

Ask us how Content Fortress can work for you. Schedule a consultation.

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